Skills Swapping platform launched in Dubai

Swappaholics Holdings Limited, an innovative startup that recently graduated from the TURN8 Accelerator program (Round 4) in Dubai has launched a skills swapping portal, a disruptive platform, modeled after the barter trade system that will allow professionals to connect and swap skills in a social setting.

Skillz ( is going to be a platform that is going to be a game changer in the online freelance ecosystem by allowing professionals to trade without the use of money. A platform where your skills become a social currency.

“We are breaking the monopoly of money, and empowering everyone with equal trading opportunities” says Francis Obirikorang, CEO and Co-founder.

Skillz will allow people to trade skills, build up their portfolio, connect and interact with like minded professionals, rent their skills and also contribute their skills for social good.

A website designer can design a website for a legal professional who in return will offer legal services in exchange for the website.

Doctor, chef, construction worker and housewife posing

Currently, the main pain point facing many freelance websites is the need for money to trade, which is eliminating many people from trading due to little or no cash. “Everyone has a unique skill set which can be traded” remarked the CEO of Swappaholics. Its an ecosystem where everyone wins. With Skillz, your skills is your social currency.

Skillz is currently web based and the Android and iOS mobile applications will be launched by the end of 2015 to give users a multi channel approach to swapping their skills. Launched in Dubai, Swappaholics has plans of extending the Skills swapping portal to the other MENA regions with a global focus in mind.



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