How I got the first 1,000 users for The Transporter’s Market?

Always believe in your idea, and find first what can make it fail and then find what can make it succeed.

Today, for most of us is just a regular Thursday, but for me is a day that I will always remember because is the day when I reached to 1,000 users on the platform that I founded: LoadMe – The First Online Transporter’s Marketplace in the Middle East.

It all started one year back, when we were selected in a business accelerator:

LoadMe and Turn8 Teams

A prototype was launched in January 2015 and in March 2015, a fully operational platform was ready. A lot of work and marketing efforts in the following months and in June 2015 it started to lift off the ground and before the end of August it reached to 1,000 users.

Starting from today I will not call it a startup anymore, I will call it a company because is one year old and it reached seamlessly an important milestone – 1,000 companies registered that are doing business on the platform.

First 1000 users for LoadMe

I want to thank you first to this 1,000 companies who believed in us and are using daily our tool, and also I want to thank you to our partners for support because we would never be here without them: Turn8DP WorldYellowstone Group and a few more.

For those of you who don’t know, LoadMe is actuality an online marketplace for shipments and trucks where you can find transport for your goods or you can load your empty trucks, some call it a Load Board some call it a Freight Exchange Platform and others call it The Uber for Trucks. If you are a logistics professional fell free to Register on LoadMe, be active and make your job easier by using our communication tool.

This is how it works:


Sebastian StefanCEO at – The Transporters Market from the Middle East

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